High performance leather, since 1789.


ROSTAING TANNERY is fully committed to environmental protection through several actions implemented.

We have a wastewater treatment plant and we collect rainwater to complete this ecological installation.

We are committed to knowing and respecting European standards as strict and rigorous as they may be (EU Standards and REACH).

We have also chosen to offer vegetable tanning on request for a full eco-responsible commitment.


Since 1789, leather has been at the heart of the Rostaing family.

For more than two centuries, our traditional know-how and expertise have been passed down from generation to generation to preserve the quality of our leathers.

The quality and high performance of our leathers has allowed us to develop our own brand in order to associate and share our high quality products.

We are also committed to offering you complete traceability and transparency about our company and our products.


We attach great importance to satisfying your choices, tastes and expectations.

This is why we have extended our know-how in order to be able to offer a considerable range of colours, finishes and embossings (designs/motives on leather).

We attach great importance to offering you unique, personalized and high-performance products to meet your unique needs.


Since 1789


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Rostaing Tannery (Vietnam)

Lot DII-2, No.8 street – Industrial zone Long Thanh

Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam




• Mr Rostaing, French :

+84 (0)903 932 303

• Ms Thuy, International :

+84 (0)8 98 68 27 39

• Mr Khuyen, Vietnamese :

+84 (0)9 46 31 38 03